Shapell Homes - Shame On Shapell

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Buyer Beware Shapell Homes sold us our worst nightmare.Shapell "Pride Of Quality" I hope that your marriage can survive it.

Our hillside is moving damaging walls, slabs, pipes, tile and more. We have had two major plumbing failures causing more than 100k in damage. We have water pouring in through our walls in several places each time it rains. When we ask General Counsel for Shapell Thomas Ingram to please fix our home he told us "that you have two choices live with it or sue us".

When we did they filed suit against me involving thirteen causes of action, all of which they lost!

This is the worst and most unprofessional company I have dealt with in my 49 years. I worked very hard to purchase our home in the once upscale neighborhood in Laguna Niguel called San Joaquin Hills only to have our dream home turn into our worst nightmare.

Please visit our website for additional details at S.O.S.homeowner in distress!

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Shapell Homes - Worse houses ever built in California

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I was looking for houses in Los Angeles, and have heard of Shapell Homes reputation for years, so I started my research around. In brief, Shapell Homes quality of home building has gone down since their owner, Nathan Shapell passed away in 2007, more than half of their workforces were laid off, and their new management has been a mess.

1: Majority of these executive hired by Shapell were either laid off or fired by their previous employers. Some were from bankrupted companies, Dunmore Homes in Sacramento CA and Centex Homes, etc. Didn't the Board of Directors ever think that, perhaps, these executives might have been the reason that these companies were no longer exist??

2: Majority of them did not work for at least 2 years, even if they stated that they were consultants?? Consultants of what I am wondering? BS maybe!

3: David Ciabattari was hired by Shapell homes? Didn't they run the background check?? They hired this little man as a Chief Financial Officer?? How can he be a CFO who is not even an accountant, not a CPA, nor has any Degree that qualifies him? Yes, he was a small division CFO at a Centex Homes that went bankrupted, I wonder why? Or I should say Pulte Homes bought Centex Homes. Did he bankrupt that division? Very probably, if not, he was definitively part of the problem, maybe that the reason he was laid off?? You decide, to not say FIRED. Are this people trying to make another Centex or Pulte with Shapell Homes??

This little man, as is no other name for this person, was or is he being sued in court for alleged sexual harassment, is this type of character that you want to represent your company?? Is this the type of Company that we want to buy homes from?

This is an immature, angry cheat little man. I feel sorry for his wife and children.

I am also sure the only way he was hired it's because Matt Koart, what do I think about this man, well I do not want to really mention this hypocrite. The only things I consider strange is the following. Why would Shapell Homes hire people that were laid off and or fired from a builder up in North California and bring them down to Los Angeles, don't we have enough qualify people here?? What is the board of Shapell thinking? Oh, yes Matt is what we call a smooth operator, lies cheat to achieve his own goals, Capable of running a company! NO, of course not, he is more worried about traveling and trying to impress people that really working.

In brief, all this new employees at Shapell are a disgrace to any working class, I am a very successful businessman, I have my own business and I can tell everybody without a doubt, I will NEVER BUY A HOME FROM SHAPELL HOMES which have been building worse and worse since these people are hired! They are a disgrace to Nathan Shapell's Memory. If I were his family I would be ashamed of this situation. Get these people out, or sell the company to somebody who knows the business, because it definitively not them!

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